How to find the right audience for your app

How to find the right audience for your app

Have you just created an app and would like to start earning?
The biggest challenge for you who’ve just developed your app is finding the right audience.
Here are the tips for finding the right audience for your application.

You know, every app is the fruit of an idea, and when you was having yours, you already had in mind those who would use it and how to exploit its full potential.
But you probably hadn’t reckoned with the millions of other applications on the store including the thousands with an idea similar to yours.

Don’t despair.
The secret is not having the winning idea, but selling it well. We can say that a good idea is only 5% of the work.

After having developed, your app must be found, and found by the right people.
Exactly the people that, in your mind, while your app was taking shape slowly, were already madly in love with it.

The ideal user.

The ingredients to achieve the ideal user

To achieve the ideal user and turn it into real user, you need certain ingredients:

1) Dependence

No smoking, alcohol or chemicals: you have to make sure that your users become somewhat “addicted” to your app. How? Interesting, curious, compelling contents and -why not- such to leave in suspense at times, or essential very intuitive or unavailable elsewhere features.

2) A fair amount of virality

We’re not talking about any infectious agent, mind you, but the impetus that your users will have to talk about your app to their friends and friends of friends. The same mechanism that leads to like and share on Facebook. Then add the contents to make your social apps designed to be shared. For example, is it an app for running you created? Why not making it social running?

3) The kickoff

A good idea, a well-made social and viral app, is unfortunately not enough. You can also have the app of the century, but if it’s just you to know it, well, it will not make much progress.
A marketing plan is essential if you want a successful app.
To trigger your app virality and addiction it must be found by potential users. And this implies costs.
How to optimize them?

How to find the ideal user?

Shoot at random in the pile is totally out of the question, whether you have a large budget is that it is very limited.

Indeed, before proceeding to promote your app that you consume the most important decisions.
Methods to find the right users are varied, but they work differently.
Among the best known there are Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to similar model.
The differences lie in the type of use and type of campaigns you can create and they are linked to the type of the social.

If on the one hand, they have the advantage of having a huge audience, on the other hand, however, they need a lot of optimization, from the point of view of the pictures/videos to use, of the advertising message (copy) of targeting (we have already mentioned that you don’t need huge audiences -and it would be too expensive- if you’re looking for your ideal users) of monitoring.
In short, it would become, to get it right, a full time job.
And time is money.
The total costs would be much higher than those expenses in the activation of campaigns themselves.

For solving this problem on the other hand there is a kind of different advertising services that operate in complete autonomy.

Achieve the ideal user effortlessly

This is the case of myAppFree which does the job instead of you: you don’t need to create copy, images, video or work out the best targeting for your campaign.
MyAppFree does everything automatically: it will use any information you have placed on the page of your app in the Store and find your ideal user with its recommendation system, letting it know only to users whose interests and tastes match perfectly with the profile of your app.

The only thing you need to do is decide which country in the world you want to advertise your app and how many users do you want to install.

Easy, isn’t it?
After being given a good initial thrust, if your app has its trump cards, the road to fame will be smoother.
You can for example scheduled new campaigns in rotation, to inject new users into your service and choose a maintenance program which constantly increase your users: statistically each user found surcharge bears three organic.

Ultimately, you get what you need, reached and conquered your users (not just) ideals without setting off days, weeks and months of your time.

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