Do you want your app to be successful? Consider app install campaigns

Do you want your app to be successful? Consider app install campaigns

You have a brand new app. You put all your efforts on it and now you want it, your baby, to be popular and successful.

How do you make it noticed by the big audence?

Mobile stores are a jungle of apps.
Only apps with a high number of downloads and ratings can emerge and see the light out of branches and leaves.
The best way to get noticed in a shark-infested bloodthirsty landscape is by generating a volume of installs from both organic and paid sources.


Organic installs substantially come from

  • app store exploration;
  • organic search, that is people discover an app by searching for a related keyword or brand search;
  • looking at top apps per categoryg;
  • getting a tip to download through an app store’s featured recommendations.

The only problem is that mobile stores have a lot of possible apps like yours.

Seriously, A LOT.

Android Play Store has actually more than 2,100,000 apps.
And only 5% have some hopes to be noticed.


On the other hand, non-organic/paid installs are installs driven by promotions, in the form of an advertising campaign or through an incentivized network, where users are prompted to download and install an app in exchange for virtual currency or another incentive. However, the latter lacks of users really interested to your app.

Anyway, since the overall number of installs is a major factor in ASO (app store optimization), an investment in non-organic installs will improve your app’s ranking.

But, what’s most important, non-organic installs will ultimately increase the number of organic ones as well: on average, every paid install drives three organic installs:


So the question is:

do you really need to spend to have a successful app?

The answer is simple: yes.
You need to spend time, passion, creativity, and some of the money in your pinky bank for marketing.

So, if are you still looking to boost your organic rankings, then, you should consider putting paid efforts into your promotion plan.

If you’re interested in knowing how much promoting your app costs, then try this tool online.

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