App marketing: 3 benefits of an install campaign

App marketing: 3 benefits of an install campaign

Among all mobile marketing strategies, adopting one that keeps in account the huge amount of time spent by people on apps is essential.
This is what they call app marketing.

ONLINE presence

Programming an app and betting all on it is useless without a solid online presence.
That has to be at least made up of:
– a website with an enjoyful landing page with all the necessary information;
pages and social profiles/groups.

Spending budget to increase the visibility of your app will turn to be worthless without those preliminary requirements.

Do you already have them all?
Let’s jump to the next point.


It is a description you give to your app, and it’s comprehensive of screenshots and presentation pictures/videos.
Every word, image or video in the page of your app in the Store have to be:
Each part, although complementary to the others, has to be able to exist on its own: users must understand immediately what your app is for and what it does, either they simply look at the screenshots, or they prefer to watch your video or read the full description, which, accordingly, has to include all the main keywords and be organised in distinct points.

INSTALL campaigns: what they are and why they are important

Did you know that the most important indicator of your app’s rank in the store is the number of downloads scored by your app?
You can figure it out easily looking at the first ten positions in Play Store: Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, etc.
Try and look at the number of installs in the specific area in the respective pages.

Take note: another important indicator of the rank of your app is the quality of its reviews and users’ votes. Commit some time and try to regain some bad votes which lower your average evaluation.

But let’s get back to downloads.

The question you certainly asked yourself after publishing your app has been: how do I make my app installed by the widest audience possible?

The answer is quite simple: making yourself visible.

Among other app marketing strategies, promoting your app through other apps is the most important and effective: banners, interstitial, direct installs: in two wordsa “install campaigns“.

Those have a high return of investment, which increases with the increase of the quality of your app.

However, you need to take into account which sources you choose to run an install campaign.
Not rarely, traffic can derive from so called “incentive” installs, which have very poor quality.

myAPPFREE campaigns

With myAppFree you can have quality installs: users who download your app are very interested in it because it matches their tastes, so they’ll become loyal users if it proves to satisfy their expectation (and it does, doesn’t it?).

Exactly because of this trait, myAppFree makes just a  limited number of slots available for its clients, focusing on the quality instead of gross volumes.

If you want to improve your app’s rank and build a proper audience, to monetize it the best way, contact us at to know availabilities and current offers for promoting your app best.

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