3 reasons why you should invest on mobile marketing and apps

3 reasons why you should invest on mobile marketing and apps

As long ago as 2008, Mary Meeker predicted that by 2014 mobile would have passed desktop, and so the things went.
Here are 3 reasons why you should invest on mobile marketing and on apps.


Predictions revealed to be very accurate: the number of mobile users has exponentially increased, overtaking by far that of desktop users.
The decrease of the costs of a mobile device which lets you afford to pay something with the same basic featureas of a pc and the globalization of that product market, have been determiners in that digital revolution.

Those PCs that B. Gates wanted to have on every desk have been realistically replaced by  smartphones in evey pocket.

statistics of mobile users compared to desktop


Not only did the number of users, but also time spent on mobile device outstrip by far time spent on desktop.

For example, in US the first is at 51% of the total time, whilst the latter stops at 42%.

Inferences are clear: not adoting a marketing strategy that puts mobile first to reach your targeted audience means being outclassed by competitors who do.

To be more precise, consumers prefer apps to mobile websites.

That is a trend consolidated already by 2012/2013.

app usage vs mobile internet usage

The last analytics by Flurry (Yahoo) show that time spent on apps further increased and reached 90 percent: in other words, we live in a app-centered world and web lives through them.

This point is crucial when you have to decide if bet on making an app or be happy with a  responsive website.

3. A FLOurishing MARKET but not fully EXPLOITED YET

Related to time spent, we can calculate the potential spendable bugdet in mobile marketing.

mobile marketing trends

Television is overestimated compared to new media, and especially to mobile channel, which remains a catchment area potentially very profitable for ads.

However, the trend in investing in this new market is rapidly increasing, as a study from eMarketer about invested capital on mobile marketing shows: it is cleare that it will dominate digital advertising spending in the next future.

  2017 2018 2019
Mobile Ad spending- Billions $ 49.8 57.7 65.8
Percentage change 23% 16% 14%
Percentage of digital ad spending 66.6% 69.7% 72.2%

In conclusion, either your product is offline or online, either it is a service or an app, investing on mobile marketing and on app advertising is a winning strategy both in terms of return of investment and of expansion of your customer base.

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